Biographical overview

Paul B. Rizzoli, M.D. is Clinical Director of the John R. Graham Headache Center, BW/F Department of Neurology, at Faulkner Hospital in Boston. He maintained a private practice of adult neurology for fifteen years before coming to Faulkner as Chief of Neurology in 1999 until transitioning to the Brigham & Women’s Department of Neurology at Faulkner in September 2004. He is an Assistant Professor in Neurology at Harvard Medical School and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Neurology.

Dr. Rizzoli had an early start in his studies. Still today, the tuning fork is used in the office.

John R Graham Headache Center

John Ruskin Graham was born in Boston on February 13, 1909. He was educated in the Boston Latin school system and graduated Harvard Medical School. He trained in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. At MGH, Dr. Graham worked in a new outpatient headache service, then traveled to New York City to spend a year performing research with Harold Wolff.

After active duty in WWII, he returned to Boston in 1950 and became Chief of Medicine at the Faulkner Hospital. He continued to work in the headache field and see patients. With money from a grateful patient, he established the Headache Research Foundation and organized Headache Associates, a consortium of physicians who were interested in providing clinical care to headache patients. Records of their case conferences were often published in the journal Headache, the journal of the American Headache Society and the basis for founding of the Headache Center at Faulkner Hospital…

"The successful treatment of migraine is difficult but worth the effort. It taps every resource of the physician. Probably more hours of suffering are caused by migraine than by any other human affliction. Knowledge of its secrets is incomplete but increasing. For these reasons it presents a unique challenge."

In Treatment of Migraine, 1955 by John R. Graham, MD